No Snow=No Snow Days

(Update on April 17 – It seems that the district will add a day off to the Memorial day weekend and school will be closed on Friday, May 25th.  So now we are down to four days to eat up.)

Last year, thanks to a relentless winter, the school district plowed right through their snow day limit and then some.  This meant the loss of two days during Spring Break and I think the loss of the Good Friday holiday, if memory serves.  In what was my opinion, a knee-jerk reaction, the administration tacked on an additional snow day to our allottment for the 2011-12 school year bring it to six built-in snow days to avoid this in the future.

Karma says…..Not so fast!  Mother Nature’s response to that was nary a snow storm this winter so we used one whopping snow day.  One.  That means we have five school days to eliminate because they are built into the school year.  Interesting problem, eh? (Ironically enough, the power outage from fall of 2011 did not constitute a snow day.  It was an “emergency day” and doesn’t count towards the allotment.)

The Troy Record posted this article today about this very issue how various area school districts plan to burn up their excess snow days.  Unfortunately, they either did not call Averill Park (which incidently the Troy Record is the OFFICIAL newspaper of the town of Sand Lake) or Averill Park didn’t give it up.  Historically they have always lopped off the remaining snow days at the end of the school year and I have no reason to believe that they will deviate from this plan.  This means FIVE DAYS will come off the end of the year.  Five.  So school ends…June 18.  Wow.

That is kind of a parent’s nightmare, and yes mine.  That is five more days of child care that we will have to dredge up until summer camps start up.  Couldn’t we spread this out around Memorial Day and Spring Break?  Or another long weekend here or there?  According to the article, that is what the majority of the school districts are planning to do, why not us?  My guess is that this is what is negotiated into the teacher’s contracts, which is good for them but a pain in the rear end for us.

Five unused snow days.  Ouch.