Everything Old is New Again…

Welcome to my new (old) blog.  It used to be a random, never updated, load of whatever was on my mind.  After many years of neglect, I’ve decided to resurrect it and give it some focus.  I may leave some old posts from its former life but I will probably delete everything prior.  It wasn’t that interesting to begin with! (Note:  I did leave most of the Red Sox posts.  I am a huge fan.  Deal with it…nicely of course)

As you can see, it is now called Life in the Park.  Or more specifically, life in Averill Park.  It’s probably not that interesting to anyone that doesn’t live in the town of Sand Lake, but perhaps some might be interested in my City Girl-turned-Country observations.  I’m a native of Schenectady and I moved here when I got married.  It’s a tight knit town with a core of lifers who come from generations of Sand Lake residents and it can be a tad intimidating to an “outsider” that is trying to lay down roots.  I’ve been here for more than 12 years now and I feel that I’ve earned my right to an opinion finally.

There is plenty to talk about.  The small town politics can be a hoot, or downright scary, the school district budget woes have spawned several opposing blogs and Facebook pages that could be the fodder of a black comedy sitcom and I hope to occasionally opine on the “silent majority” that may be too timid to step forward (I know I am!!).  I’m not going to link to certain active (and opposing) sites on the issues of the school budget because I do not want to be affiliated with either side.  I will call it as I see it as a homeowner and parent…or you can just call me Switzerland.

On the flip side, the town boasts of beautiful lakes, restaurants and unique offerings that I hope to highlight.  Sure we live “in the sticks”, but our sticks has many hidden gems worthy of the spotlight.  Give me Kays Pizza, smoked Towne Tavern wings or sticky cinnamon buns from Pie Squared any day.

So welcome to my blog observations of The Place of Picnics, Porches and Progress.  Comments are most welcome here but I expect nothing less than respect of others opinions.  Argumentative conversation and name-calling will not be tolerated here.