!@#$ Punxsutawney Phil!!

The Truck Parked in Front of Fenway

The Truck Parked in Front of Fenway

In spite of Phil’s prediction of more doom and gloom, the best sign of Spring is occurring today in Boston.  It is a happy day known to Red Sox fans as Truck Day!

What is Truck Day, you ask?  Glad you asked.  It is the day that all the team gear leaves Fenway a truck bound for Fort Meyers, Fl., aka Spring Training Camp.

The next best days are Feb. 12th and 14th, where pitchers and catchers are required to report and their first spring training workout occurs, respectively.

And for my birthday on Feb. 18th, the Sox will have their first full squad workout.  Thanks Red Sox.  Good birthday present.  I appreciate that.

That means Major League Baseball is not that far away and better days are coming.  And after experiencing the Longest Winter Ever©, I am overjoyed to see the beginning of the season.  Bring on the heat and humidity, hot dogs and peanuts, and strikes and homeruns!

And yes, only us screwball Red Sox fans could get THIS excited over a truck.  And Marlene…I am not a truck.


Oh When the Saints Go Marching In…

siena_saints_logo…right into the top 25 in the RPI rankings!  How about that?!  For you non-sports types, that means that the Siena Saints Mens Basketball team is ranked right up there with the national powerhouses such as Syracuse, Georgetown, etc.

Okay, it just means that they are REALLY REALLY GOOD!  Undefeated so far in the MAAC this season and are on a rampage to March Madness. They are even getting some national coverage!

Sports Illustrated had a thing or two to say about the Saints.

Siena may have fallen off the radar after the Saints lost all three of their games at the Old Spice Classic in Orlando in November, but now they have won 12 of their last 13, they’re undefeated in the MAAC and they’re ranked 20th in the RPI.  No team will want to see its name pop up next to Siena’s on Selection Sunday.

He then goes on to rank them #25 in the country in his own personal rankings.  I’ll take it.

They will be also be playing in Bracket Busters tournament that will be on ESPN and an ESPN writer already had some decent things to say about the team.

Wow. Yep, that’s my alma mater! Not bad for a little ole college in Loudonville.    While I’m not a huge basketball fan, and I don’t follow the Saints games that closely, I do keep an eye on them, go to an occasional game and get real excited when they make the NCAA tourney.  It’s fun!