We Love Autumn

And it seems to love us too.  It was a BEAUTIFUL weekend here in the great Northeast and we took full advantage of it.

Friday, I took Little Sionna and a friend of hers to the local corn maze in Schaghticoke, NY.  We had a blast.

Corn Maze

Corn Maze

We must have spent a good half hour or so trying to make our way around, going in circles and laughing when we hit dead ends.  Those clever people that own it put number markers in the maze and you take a list of trivia questions with you that correspond with the markers.  As long as you answer correctly, it tells you which way to go.

We took the easy way and used the girls’ kids questions to get around.  But it still wasn’t easy!  The markers are few and far between and you still have to find some of your own way around.

But the weather was fabulous.  Not a cloud in the sky.  In addition to the corn maze, there were rabbits, donkeys, turkey, chickens, an underground slide (which I was short enough to use, funny enough, but I declined to ride on the account that I didn’t want to get in line with all of the little kids!), other easier mazes made with pumpkins, and a moo-train.  The girls rode the moo-train and it went fast!!  They bumped and swerved all over the place and eventually went into another corn maze.

The Moo-Train

The Moo-Train

It was just a spectacular day.  We couldn’t have planned it any better.  It was quite warm too.  Almost too warm!

Afterwards, we feasted on warm cider donuts and took the long, backroad way home so that we could further enjoy the fall foliage that has exploded into bright reds and oranges lately.  Mother Nature has been kind enough to keep rain and wind storms away so the foliage has hung around a little longer than usual.We spent the next couple of days just enjoying the outside.  We went to a picnic on Saturday along the Hudson and took a leisurely car ride on Sunday to further enjoy the local foliage.

On Monday we decided to take a ride on the Berkshire Scenic Railway.   Little Sionna took another friend with her and we had a nice time.

Berkshire Scenic Railway

Berkshire Scenic Railway

The day wasn’t quite as nice as the previous and it was mostly overcast. But it didn’t matter. It was still a nice ride and something we had not done before (not counting the Adirondack Scenic Railroad which runs RIGHT in front of our camp).

A fisherman on the Housatonic River in Lenox, MA

A fisherman on the Housatonic River in Lenox, MA

We saw some pretty scenery and girls giggled and giggled the day away.  It was pretty fun to watch.  They got pretty silly as we waited in Lee Station to go back to Lenox, which I would post a picture of but WordPress is being temperamental.

Anyways, we are pretty lucky.  From here we can go the Berkshires, the Adirondacks, Boston, Montreal or New York City in a matter of day.  We have so much around us to enjoy and we intend to go out an explore more of it.  However, it is hard to do that when we have such beauty right in our backyard too! (Arrrg! WordPress is being difficult…I will post the remaining pictures when it decides to cooperate!)


One thought on “We Love Autumn

  1. OMG she is SO BIG! When did that happen? I am so jealous. It sounds like you had heaven on earth this weekend. Thanks for sharing it with us! Hugs.

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