Will He Stay Or Will He Go?

Harking back to the days leading up to the now-infamous Nomar Garciaparra trade, we are now sitting on the cusp of yet another earth-shattering trade.

Will they trade Manny?  Or not?

After this wonderful display during last night’s embarrassing game, I’m not so sure that I want him in the clubhouse anymore.

I’m having bi-polar feelings about this, much like during the weeks before Theo traded Nomar.   We loved Nomar but he was creating a bitter atmosphere around Boston that was rather un-palatable.  Increase that tenfold and you have the Manny situation.

Let’s face it, the Sox could not have possibly won in 2004 or 2007 without Manny or the one-two punch of Ortiz and Manny.  Without Manny, Oriz will go down in the record books for most walks.  How on earth will the Sox get someone (or “somebodies”) back in fair trade?  How do they replace that bat?  I guess we’ll have to rely on Theo for that.  I’m good with that.

Of course, we thought Nomar was irreplacable too but then Orlando came in and charmed the pants off of us leaving many Sox fans saying, “Nomar who?”.  I loved Orlando and am still bitter that they traded him away after 2004.  Why?  Because his subsequent replacements have been such a rousing success (Rentiera, Lugo – Ick!).  Sigh.

So what will happen next?  Stay tuned til the 4pm trade deadline for all of the fun.   Actually, stay tuned later than that.  If memory serves, 4pm came and went without word of a Nomar trade and us Sox fans thought that he was staying.  Around 4:30-5pm, the news actually broke.  Stranger things happen.

And just think!  If Theo pulls the trigger, I’ll be seeing the first post-Manny-era game at Fenway on Friday night!  Could be interesting.


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