It’s Only April

That is what all baseball enthusiasts say when their team flounders about like a fish out of water in the opening month of baseball season.

“It’s too cold still for pitching/hitting to be effective”

“They still have to work out the kinks”

or in the case of my beloved Red Sox,

“The flu is running rampant in the clubhouse”

Otherwise, how on earth do you explain THIS??!!

Eastern Division
Team           W   L   GB
Baltimore    14  11   –
Tampa Bay  14 11    –
Boston        15 12    –
New York   13 13    1.5
Toronto      11 15    3.5

I do believe that there is an unwritten law out there that Tampa Bay must be in last place at all times. ALL TIMES!!!

Yes, it’s only April with a long way to go til October but c’mon! This is just unnatural.


2 thoughts on “It’s Only April

  1. It’s early and a very long race…Be patient. Like the race between the turtle and the hare, the best pace always win. Come July and August the pitchers of Baltimore and Tampa Bay will have no gas left in the tank.

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